Oh, that luxurious coffee


The Cafe in the Old City of Vilnius

“You know, I started drinking coffee” said my friend Jane to me when we finally met after a while. I couldn’t help but wonder, what is it with that magic drink, that even people who adore green tea and fresh juice so much, like Jane, starts drinking coffee, at last.

Smell. The first thing that comes to my mind. I have no idea why but pleasant smells are so important in my living atmosphere. And, yes I’m addicted to that special one – CHANEL No.5 but cinnamon, lavender, muscat and coffee are so satisfying, too…

Especially, in the mornings. When is still dark around and it’s becoming lighter and lighter little by little. And that first warm sip of coffee… Mhmm, that delicious bitterness. It’s such a pleasure! I live on the 14th floor, by the way. Thus, I’m in love every morning, looking through the window, seeing that disappearing fog over the city and waking up gradually because of the coffee.

What is more, I realised when you buy coffee in the city (like I am now), you don’t buy just coffee, you buy much more. It’s the atmosphere. It’s the ability to buy, the ability to be surrounded by people, who are interesting, unique, mysterious and lost in their worlds. Not without a reason “We should have coffee sometime” has the meaning of cosy meeting, friendly chat or even a date…

And, ohhh! Do I need say something more about those poetical cosy rainy days with a cup of hot coffee in the hands?..

And you know, where would I be without coffee today, in our fast and busy world? The answer is simple – in bed.12583655_1020847154604696_103769965_n

Thus, life is short.

Stay awake for it.

Drink coffee.


Bisous bisous,

– V

Oh, that luxurious coffee

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