Twinkle Twinkle

New home, Berlin

Hey beutiful friends and enemies~


You all know about this one particular feeling.. Wishing for fairytales but ending up with awkward flirting. But nerveless there are times you are just the right amount of charming and beautiful, feeling perfect that one day. BUT…… You simply meet the wrong person who is trying to flirt with you and you just go with the flow and end up being nice to someone you are not even a bit interested in. And there are these other moments you just randomly run into someone special or get attention from someone you been eyeing for a while now and your mouth just looks as if it has been sewed up and you just awkwardly smile and your chance of finally getting the one you want disappears in an eye-blink.

So why is this like that?? Maybe I am the only one who is just soo bad at flirting with people I actually have a thing for. Hm. At least Cho (a close friend of mine) made me take a bet. I am supposed to start the whole thing next time. And I am really interested in how the whole shit will end up.

But of course there are all those other girls just looking perfectly fine with talking to their crushes without any problems. And of course I am so proud of them. And I hate all the comments saying these kind of girls are sluts or bitches… What is wrong with the fact that someone is charming? Of course… You should exclude all the ones just trying to get hooked up with the boyfriend of their bff just because they think of it as a fun game. That is just disgusting.

Another problem that is bothering almost everyone are the CREEPS. Of course it is nice to get attention but why it is always them dumb guys trying to hit on you? And maybe the random disturbing attention wouldn’t be the problem itself if not all the other jealous chick always judging you and looking at you as if it would be your fault that all these creeps try to get some from you. And for all those who don’t understand the situation, it is very tiring to get spoken to while trying not to hit all these assholes in their face. And I am not speaking about all the candy boys and lovely human being sincerely showing one their attention but about all these old fuckers using their penis as a compass.

Crushes are of course a separate topic. Butterflies in one’s tummy and the continued thinking of only one person might be really cute. And finally getting your shit together and starting to show a bit of how you feel is a must. Real love……. Fairytales. Who doesn’t believe in that at least a bit? There is always the right one waiting for you, but some fun is always a must.

But before I go to continue to study for my exams (omg they’re in 2 weeks) I will just share my favorite poem with ya all (ok maybe not really my fav)

Twinkle twinkle little whore

Close your legs it’s not a door

Twinkle twinkle little slut

Name a guy you haven’t fucked

Was he skinny, was he tall?

Nevermind you fucked ‘em all. ❤


P.s. Yeah, me too has this one particular cutie I am inserted in right now. But hush~


And for now
Keep smiling

Au revoir

– K


Twinkle Twinkle

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