What is love?


The Residence of V

Yepp, people need really not so much in this world “to love and be loved in Return” (paraphrased words from “Moulin Rouge”). That is what our long chats and calls with K are about. Is Love real? Is there somewhere one person that is the One? Or each of us has many chances to fall in love? And I’m sure we’re not the only ones struggling with these questions. There are a lot of young girls who are trying to answer them. And not only young, and not only girls (I can define it from a lot of literature and other kinds of arts that are created by men).

I dont’t have all the answers. I’m not even asking all questions. But. Love is everywhere. That’s a fact. It surrounds us not only on that commercial [the 14th of February] day (sorry, but it looks trashy for me. I can admit I’m not the big fan of the St Valentines’s Day). All songs. All movies. There is always something about love, it’s like the essential part of our bodies but in arts. Oh, and that Hollywood Dream… Actually, people don’t adore Hollywood because of the luxurious life (although it can be a desire, too). For instance, that glamorous interpretation of Anna Karenina ā€“ the movie “Love”. It was created with two endings ā€“ One, the Happy one, for the Americans and the Other for the rest of the world that enjoys the classic, well-known story. So, what is it all about? Is there a happy ending in the world? Or is everything so tragic that at least our lovely Hollywood gives us that part of our lives that is taken (?) Because we’re missing something (or should I say someone?) and we’re trying to find but we end up again someone calling “ex” and singing song’s lyrics like: “Don’t be ridiculous. So, don’t be funny. No one believes in Love nowadays…”

Yes, I’ve almost forgot. Then comes “Only Love can hurt like this.”…

And once again I’m asking outloud “What is Love?” And the only one answer that the World says to me is a line from “Gossip Girl”: “That’s the Secret I’ll never tell.”

I just have to keep hoping that one day I will find out but my intuition tells me that the answer will come not in the help of my brain and endless thinking but I will know it by Heart….

Yes, Hopeless Romantic…

Bisous bisous,

ā€“ V

What is love?

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