Pretty, handsome and other kinds of happy.




Coffee shop, Berlin

Hey beautiful friends and enemies~

Sitting there starring at your laptop still hoping to find words to finish your assignment. Taking another sip of your favorite hazel latte and trying to think of something that would sound smart and intellectual. But the truth is you’re just way too distracted by this one particular male human being standing on the other side of the counter doing nothing but breathing while looking hella fine. Being lost in his own thoughts like this, makes one believe he has something mysterious about him but actually it is (the sad truth might possibly be) that he’s just hating on his part time job. Of course, who would like to make coffee the whole day and even be friendly to all kinds of dumb people? Hm… I guess no one.  The way he runs his hand through his hair makes you forget about your plan of finishing homework and you end up peeping at the barista.

So yeah, you guessed it right. The thing I will be writing about today is how beautifulness is ruling the world. And no, I don’t mean in a slutty and disgusting way but in a way that makes you happy. You have to give me right, feeling pretty (or handsome) is a big priority and if you love yourself you start feeling happier. Never less the most important thing still is the inside. But not only the inside out is important but also the coat of your personality is something that in our postmodern 21st century plays a big role.

A beautiful person. How can one become this kind of a human being? For the outside you just have to put in some effort. Being pretty is really achievable but what about the other things like the inner beauty and a fine character? If you would ask me, a beautiful person is someone who just knows how to be her/himself and loves her/himself. I think real beauty can unfold just the moment you start to accept yourself, the moment you understand what the good points of your existence are and of course what the BAD POINTS are, too. You don’t have to erase them, since it is you, but you have to be aware of every single corner of your body and mind. Hm… Maybe not every single one… Kche.

And now let’s talk for a bit about how the charm of someone can make everyone fall for them. Like, have you ever wondered why your crush started flirting with her instead of you, and what’s more, that you’re way prettier then she is?! (Of course it can happen that someone just looks damn perfect and some fuckboy who just wants to do some exercising {the perverted kind of you do at night- of course. HA.} isn’t really caring about the inside)

Let me say just one thing. CHARM. The unique kind of charm only you can have (or her :D)

Of course your face and body is still very important but it is NOT the main point. And OF COURSE you have to be the best version of yourself possible and that means that people aren’t simply divided into ugly or pretty.

Never mind long legs and a beautiful face, a breathtaking body and a perfect face is still ruling the world but if you don’t have that something special to it you won’t be lasting for long in this world which is eager to be thrilled and fascinated not only by the outside.

And for now…

…sparcle inside out

Au revoir

– K

Pretty, handsome and other kinds of happy.

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