Does the hair-colour define us?


V’s Residence

Some time ago Jane asked: “This is completely out of topic, but how do you feel being blond? Did you notice any difference?” It was a very strange question that got me confused. Hmmm. I don’t know…

I’ve never thought about becoming blond. I’be always loved my natural brown (chestnut) hair till one day I realised how I love grey hair and I wantedto try it. So, this attraction didn’t disappear for about 6 months. So, I went to my hairdresser (now, ex hairdresser) to bring my desire to Reality. But. There was a big misunderstanding and instead of grey I got blond hair. It wasn’t that bad. A lot of people said that I look nice, even better (?!). I got along with this colour and lived with this for about 6 monts. It really looked nice. But it wasn’t me. I’ve never dreamt about blond hair. I would never thought myself to diy like this. I’m not very soft and cute person (yepp, witty) and etc. I don’t believe in stereotypes. But let me say it just didn’t define me. It didn’t represent me.

Could I say that blonds have more fun??? Nope, I was the same.

But then I finally I got grey hair. Later blue. Violet. Grey. And again dark blue (indigo, to be more specific). And I couldn’t stop adoring these colours. I look for my reflections everywhere I go. I love these colours because it really shows the real me – full of surprises, colourful and deep. And I became a magnet. It seems that strangers find me  really cool, interesting, and wise. As one journalist from “NYLON” wrote: “People find you [with grey hair] more approachable, even if you have the worst resting b***h face on the planet.” And I really experienced that – a lot of people start conversations with me, I hear a lot of “nice haircolour” through days… And I ENJOY it!! Now It’s Me. And even my hair brings outside what is within.

Bisous bisous,

– V

P.S. Yes, I know that today is Valentine’s Day. I didn’t choose to ignore it or sth. BUT. For me it was cool just when I was a kid. Since I’ve seen all that cheep crap being bought in the shops, I can’t imagine a Romantic Day with cheap pizza warmed in the oven and silly balloon as a True Love proof. And I don’t say it because I’m Single. I’m single by choice. My opinion about this day will be the same when I have a boyfriend.

Does the hair-colour define us?

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