Getting lost in your script.

2016.02.28 21:18

Wash-salon, Berlin


Hey beautiful friends and enemies,

So yeah, today was kind of a crazy day. Don’t even ask me why I am sitting in middle of the night here instead of being home sipping Martinis or having some Wine and Cheese.

Anyways, the thing I wanted to talk to you about is this one special topic. Everyone’s movie. I speak about life, about how everyone is playing the lead in their own little world. I was talking with my friend Lily for a while about how a lot of us are getting lost in their own head (like getting lost in the script, always rewriting it, changing the ending and changing the supporting roles).

I love watching movies. And I watch a lot of them, starting from Hollywood comedies to German War-documentaries, Korean dramas are also enjoyed by me. And I notice how much I get touched by them. There is always the one character you seem similar with, or there might be one you would love to be. But this whole thing is very slippery. I have some examples of those, who lost themselves because they started putting way too much effort in living a stolen live instead of taking care of their own set.

And it is just the same with people who are trying to steal the role from another being. For example, there is this one girl, nothing special, just common, but in someone eyes’ she looks just perfect, the peeping person wants to have everything the girl has and starts copying her. Acting like her, using the same body language, changing the way of speaking, even the style and looks. But is it happiness? Being the fake on? Why not focus on their own role? Of course, if you want to change something you are welcome to rewrite a scene, but don’t abandon your life, it is precious, because you are here because you did what you did, in other words you are able to move on and have a future because of what you did in the past. Of course you have to do your best. And there might be one difference in life and a movie you can’t just decide to use a “cut”, “break” and “NGs” are also not possible.


P.s. Writing you’re your script doesn’t mean you are allowed to write other people one’s too. You can’t make them love you (maybe fear you, what isn’t a bad thing either…..) and you can’t make them act different, be worst than they are, or than you are, but you can get along with them. Yeah, I mean friendship. Beautiful Pegasus and sakuras, happy end lalala…. Yeah, I probably got crazy………


And for now…

…keep conscious

Au revoir

– K

Getting lost in your script.

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