Long time no see…………….

2016.10.28 19:01

Starbucks, Berlin

Hey beautiful friends & enemies~

I was gone for a long time, I know, but a lot of stuff actually happened during that time. I went to Korea, traveled around this beautiful country, and experienced a whole new world. Went back to my home town for a month and now that my semester just started I am really struggling and my life gets harder day by day, just because of one thing: the problem of time management.  As much as V has talent to manage time, I am the living example of chaos. Of course, I may be just to lazy and if you add poor time management you will see how rotten one will become. I actually need to set some goals and start writing everything down so I can keep better track of my to do list. Actually had some ideas how to create a great pattern of time management.

Something that is really important to me are aesthetics. A pretty planer or cute sticky notes make my day always brighter. Writing down stuff and making notes of things you need to remember are a great help to get things out of my head. It is kind of paradox but after writing down the stuff you need to do, it feels less stressful. As if a huge burden fell off of your shoulders. Because what used to stress me out a lot was trying to remember all the things I needed to do.

Kind of having a plan for a day is also a very nice feeling. You can put something you need to do in the future on your schedule and only concentrate on the work you need to do on that day. So when you finish it you can feel free and happy you made it. But actually never plan your day out completely, because it takes away all the fun of actually living. If I randomly start craving coffee there must be time for me to get my favorite hazel macchiato.

Also something that makes people tired is trying to remember all the good things and memories and keeping all precious moments of the day. But it actually is much more convenient to just keep track of every nice feeling in a diary. And I am not talking about a diary you should write every night before going to bed. That would just put up walls and make you stressed out again. Since I know my self well I also know that I wouldn’t be able to write every day since there are times I am just too lazy or too sleepy to do so. There could also be days nothing special happens, but you will still try to write something down because it feels just like a duty and when that happens the magic of „diary“ will just vanish. So I have a diary where I only write down things I am eager to remember. Or if there’s something I’m confused about I am just writing it down and looking at it again some other day trying to solve the problem. This way I am able to just make way for the important things in my head. My rule for my diary is to write in it only in coffee shops. Sounds strange? But I am enjoying it that way. I always write down the date and the place. Only writing down important things. And after writing everything down I feel kind of secure that the memories won’t disappear.

So that were just some thoughts I had on my hat which was on my head. HEHE.

And for now…

…keep organised

Au revoir

– K


Long time no see…………….

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